5 Most Anticipated Books In May | Book LIST

Hey there little cherry blossoms, We see you've clicked on our '5 Most Anticipated Books In May' - you're curious about what we most want to read. No? Well perhaps you're here 'cuz you want to know about new releases this May 2017. We can tell you now that there are soooo many good books... Continue Reading →

Crown of Midnight #2 By Sarah J. Maas | Book REVIEW

3.75/5 stars Synopsis: For her freedom, Celeana must do the King's bidding for 4 years. Including the dirty work. After battling her way through the competition to become the King's Champion and Royal Assassin in the first book, Celeana is put on missions to rid Erilea of rebels to the King. Celeana keeps secrets but... Continue Reading →

5 Books To Cure A Book Hangover | Book LIST

Ever had a book hangover? Yes? Don't know how to get rid of this book slump? We do! (well we think we do XD ) This usually occurs when you've finished a superb book/series. Or when you haven't read in a long while due to reasons (laziness for us ūüėČ ). Our first¬†MAJOR book hangover... Continue Reading →

Shatter Me #1 By Tahereh Mafi | Book Review

3.40/5 stars Synopsis: Tahereh Mafi's first installment to the 'Shatter Me' series explores a troubled seventeen-year-old girl, Juliette. Locked in an Asylum for 3 years, Juliette is released only to be used as a weapon. "Diseases are destroying the population, food is hard to find, birds don‚Äôt fly anymore, and the clouds are the wrong... Continue Reading →

BigSister Intro

know the twins?¬†well here is the¬†Big sister that guided them to where they are now. After years of motivation speeches and lectures on life, I have realised that as well as singing, designing and learning languages, I have a special talent¬†for being an amazing sister. (seriously) I think many older siblings can relate when I... Continue Reading →

Angelfall #1 By Susan Ee | Book REVIEW

4.5/5 stars Synopsis: The first installment to 'Penryn & the End of Days', follows a young girl, Penryn, who upon the kidnapping of her younger sister, Paige, goes on a long journey with an unlikely ally. An Angel. The same ones that were brought down to demolish the modern world. Both Penryn and Raffe are... Continue Reading →

First Year at University

Hello Boys and Girls,     I am currently finishing my first year at uni and although I can't wait for the summer of complete relaxation, I would like to talk about a specific feeling¬†that a lot of first years go through. Isolation There is nothing more comforting than a big sister giving her advice... Continue Reading →

Ruler of Books Tag | Book TAG

We were tagged to do the Ruler of Books Tag by fabulous¬†Kourtni @ Kourtni Reads. This would be our first book tag (since we're still new here), so bear with us if we're doing this wrong. This seemed like a cool thing to do, so now we're doing it. IF YOU WERE THE RULER OF... Continue Reading →

Hush, Hush #1 By Becca Fitzpatrick | Book REVIEW

3.45/5 stars Synopsis:¬† Becca Fitzpatrick's first installment to the 'Hush, Hush' series, follows sixteen-year-old Nora Grey trying to go on with her everyday life. Keyword 'trying'. The arrival of mysterious Patch Cipriano leaves Nora intrigued.¬†After numerous life-threatening encounters, Nora cannot be sure of whom she should trust.On her mission to seek the truth towards these... Continue Reading →

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief #1 By Rick Riordan | Book REVIEW

4/5 stars Synopsis: Half boy. Half god. All Hero.¬† Rick Riordan presents to you a thrilling adventure on greek mythology, following a young teen, called Percy Jackson on his crazy mission to the underworld. Now it's not like Percy doesn't want to do well in school. It's just that he is very very¬†unlucky. Perhaps his... Continue Reading →

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