Angelfall #1 By Susan Ee | Book REVIEW

4.5/5 stars

The first installment to ‘Penryn & the End of Days’, follows a young girl, Penryn, who upon the kidnapping of her younger sister, Paige, goes on a long journey with an unlikely ally. An Angel. The same ones that were brought down to demolish the modern world.

Both Penryn and Raffe are faced with many challenges to get back what they once had. Penryn, her sister Paige. Raffe, his wings.

The more Penryn learns about the angels descending down to earth, she realises things are far more complicated than it seems. And that the humans are at a HUGE disadvantage.

Would Penryn risk her sister for humanity? And would Raffe go against his kind to protect a Daughter of Man?

Followed by: World After (#2 Penryn & the End of Days series)

Main Characters:

  • Penryn Young, badass female protagonist (AKA ‘Daughter of Man’)
  • Raphael “Raffe”, Angel (*spoiler* Archangel) ❤
  • Paige Young, younger sister of Penryn

Side Characters:

  • Belial, Fallen Angel
  • Obadiah West, leader of rebellion
  • Dee-Dum (AKA Twins), pure definition of awesomeness
  • Pooky Bear, Raffe’s sword (AKA The Coolest sword you’ll ever meet 😉 )

Our Review:

Angelfall is a precious little jewel. It crept up on us like a sneaky spy-sloth (what does that even mean? We dunno we just like the sound of it). This book is one of those books that will stay with you forever. Susan introduces a post-apocalyptic world that was written so realistically – it felt like we were there with the characters. It does not come as a shock that this book (that this series) became inevitably close to our book-ridden hearts.

Even as we are writing this review, we want to read the book again.

Image result for book gifs

Susan Ee is masterful at keeping the pace throughout this book. You immediately fall head-over-heels (or in our case, slippers) over macho-built Raffe. He is suave. He is elegant. And he needed help from half-starved Penryn. Even with these odds, Penryn being a measly ol’ human compared to the angelic Raffe being a supernatural force, their paths collide unexpectedly. Of course, being an adolescent, Penryn immediately acknowledges Raffe’s “perfectness” (and admittedly we did too 😉 ). Trying to save her sister, Paige, from the clutches of another angel. Penryn goes against better judgment to team up with one of the opposite team – the Angels – Raffe.

world after susan ee - Google Search: “I never kid about my warrior demigod status.

Now it only makes sense that we as twins – we would obviously like Susan Ee’s twin characters, Dee-Dum. You can’t help but find yourself to care for them. We don’t know if it’s the fact that they helped dear ol’ Penryn with her escape from Obadiah West (whoops…sorry! Spoilers). Or the fact that they run a betting ground against people. They are just pure gold! Of course, Penryn had to name the mighty sword (yes a SWORD) – Pooky Bear. The sword you should all be afraid of. Trust us, you’ll love this sword 😉 !!

Overall, this book finishes way too quickly and is the cure to your book hangover (if you have one and even if you don’t), but we STRONGLY recommend this book to anyone and everyone to give this book a go!

Do you guys love Raffe as much as we do? Have something to say about the twins 😉 😉 ?? Have you read this book before and absolutely loved it?? FANGIRL/BOY DOWN BELOW!!

Ciao from The Twins 😉

17 thoughts on “Angelfall #1 By Susan Ee | Book REVIEW

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  1. I have read the first book and (i think ) i loved it, but its been a long time and i don’t know if i should go back and finish the series. In the other books do more plot twists occur?, like does the series get better, compared to all the other greater books (ACOMAF, fallen world series, starcrossed, hush hush, trial by fire) i have read how would i compare this to them? IS it a good, amazing or just something to give you a break.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. We truly liked this series as it was incredibly fast paced and some parts are highly memorable! If you’re into angels and post apocalyptic type of books then you should definitely give this book (series) a try!! It is nice for a break from all the big books you’ve been reading and it is AMAZING for when you just need a good book! And don’t all books contain plot twists 😉


  2. Oh, thanks for the cool recommendation! I’m currently reading some hard sci-fi, and am looking for a light read after this. This is perfect, since I’m a sucker for post apocalyptic novels, and tend to fall in love with fictional archangels. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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