First Year at University

Hello Boys and Girls,



I am currently finishing my first year at uni and although I can’t wait for the summer of complete relaxation, I would like to talk about a specific feeling that a lot of first years go through.


There is nothing more comforting than a big sister giving her advice on what to expect in an unknown world. Mind you, my experience is somewhat different to the majority but if you can relate then great!

Many students move out of their cities and comfort of their parents home to an exciting new place. For various reasons, I decided not to do so. At first I didn’t think that staying in my home city for higher education would make much of a difference but boy was I wrong. Other students made friends easier than me as they lived minutes away from each other in student accommodations. This allowed them to not only meet frequently but go through the same things together. Simple adult tasks like paying rent, cooking meals and BUDGETING were just a few of the things I couldn’t experience. Going to uni makes one independent, but for me it was like continuing sixth form. I still had a mentality of a child while everyone around me just wanted to go home and do their washing. Everyone is similar to my age but we just couldn’t relate.

Not being able to relate to most of the students made me feel out of place, depressed and just plain sad. It’s what sometimes kept me up at night. While I had many friends ( like seriously, A LOT), it wasn’t like before where I would see them everyday, every hour in school classrooms.

At school, I was around friends enough to make memories of a lifetime. However, at university, making friends meant small talking for months on end. The thoughts of my vibrant past just added to my sleepless nights. Are these people my friends or are they what a lot of adults have, acquaintances?

That is when I realised the meaning of first year depression.

SO, my big sister advice for you is…

First year will probably not consist of heavy workload the way you think it will.That is to give you enough free time to enjoy your new environment and make friends.

If you have moved out of your home and are living in student accommodations then take the opportunity to make lifetime friends by meeting mates frequently and sharing advices on meal prep and wise money spending.

If you live at home however, then don’t worry about feeling out of place and thinking that you are not making the most out of uni. Throughout the year you might question whether you have made true friends, but towards the end of the year you will realise that you are not alone.

With age comes responsibility, so don’t worry if you don’t go to parties like the rest of the students.

Think Positive (I practically live by this thought)

There are many advantages to being a ‘stay indoors’ girl or guy. Instead of thinking so hard and frying your brain with irrelevant thoughts, try blogging, learning a new language or working out.

TIP: If a night comes where you can’t help but think how out of place you are at uni, try looking online. You will find there are more people just like you:)

I sincerely hope this helped future uni students or current students feeling isolated. Sometimes a pointless blog helps. That’s what Big Sisters are for;)

Till next time, BigSister


2 thoughts on “First Year at University

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  1. Your experience is completely identical to mine! I saw no reason to leave home when there was a university in my home town, and because of this I felt like I was missing out on the college experience and making friends. I love your post! My motto is also to think positively, and make an effort to try new things. Best of luck with your next year in college!

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    1. I’m glad you liked this post. Many believe only students leaving their cities experience isolation at uni but it really impacts everyone. Continue to think positive and spread your positivity everywhere^^

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