About Us

Hello lovelies, we are best friends, reading buddies and identical twins, Shanya and Tanya.

Aside from sharing the same birthday (3rd march), same birthplace (Cardiff, Wales UK) and same face (very pretty btw), we also share the same passion for all things books, movies and humour. What is better than a friend with wild imagination, dorky jokes and endless OTPs? Two friends. We both currently live in the heart of England, Leicester, with our superwoman mother and future prime minister big sister. Being identical twins does NOT make us the same people so we obviously have different personalities and preferences but we really can’t deny that we are more alike than different.

Slightly awkward in making friends but super good at keeping them, very strange sense of humour with no party life but very wild (in our minds of course) and a strong attachment to anything magical and beautiful is what makes us similar.


I, Shanya, am the quietest in my family with very less words to say. I also find it difficult to explain things but everything sounds and works better in my head. And I, Tanya, cannot stop talking and dancing and making everyone laugh, even if that means lowering my pride all the way down to Tartarus.

We hope you like us as a team and also who we are as individuals by reading our honest, quirky reviews and opinions.

Follow us on Pinterest to see how crazy we are 😉

Tanya’s Pinterest and Shanya’s Pinterest 

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