Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief #1 By Rick Riordan | Book REVIEW

Image result for percy jackson lightning thief book cover4/5 stars

Half boy. Half god. All Hero. 

Rick Riordan presents to you a thrilling adventure on greek mythology, following a young teen, called Percy Jackson on his crazy mission to the underworld.
Now it’s not like Percy doesn’t want to do well in school. It’s just that he is very very unlucky. Perhaps his ADHD is the problem. Of course, there’s a much bigger problem. The gods. To be more specific, Greek gods.

Zeus, king of the Olympians and god of the sky, wants to start a war.
Some idiot stole his lightning bolt. Not only that they framed it on Percy. Like he hasn’t got enough problems as it is.

The first installment of the ‘Percy Jackson & the Olympians’ series, is a fast-paced, joyful, beginning to the world Riordan introduces to us.

Followed by: Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters (#2 Percy Jackson & the Olympians series)

Main Characters:

  • Perseus “Percy” Jackson, demigod son of Poseidon (AKA Seaweed Brain and Sassiest person you’ll ever meet)
  • Annabeth Chase, demigod daughter of Athena (AKA Wise Girl)
  • Grover Underwood, Satyr – half goat, half man (AKA Percy’s BFF)
  • Luke Castellan, demigod son of Hermes (*spoiler* Annabeth sooo has a crush on him)

Side Characters:

  • Sally Jackson, mother of Percy (AKA the super-chill mum who makes blue cookies)
  • Poseidon, god of the Sea and Earthquakes
  • Hades, god of the Underworld
  • Zeus, god of Sky and Thunder, the king of the Olympians
  • Hermes, god of Travellers and Trade
  • Athena, goddess of Wisdom and War
  • Ares, god of War

Our Review:

Where to begin, well let’s start with how relatable the characters are in this book. Who would’ve thought a something-twelve-year-old teen that is Percy, can be sooo sassy!!

“I gave her my deluxe I’ll-kill-you-later stare. I didn’t mind being in trouble for pushing her. I just wished I could remember doing it.” 

Any normal kid would be freaking out that the teacher caught them doing something bad. Does this awesomeness come from his ADHD? Perhaps he just became used to being in trouble all the time – like he just expects to be punished for doing something so minor (though pushing someone is quite rude).

Then there’s badass Annabeth Chase (AKA the coolest girl you’ll ever meet) who just decides to call Percy “Seaweed Brain”, just because she can! Look we can be here all day (every day) and talk about how cool the characters are in this book (even how un-cool some characters are – like your typical unimportant mean-girl, Nancy Bobofit you see when you’re young).

So because some ‘genius’ decided to put the blame on new-to-the-demigod-world Percy Jackson for stealing Zeus’ most prized possession, the lightning bolt, thus was the start of all the chaos to come. One being his mum, Sally  is taken by a minotaur – a big horned bull man, that Percy so AWESOMELY kills, after his mum’s taken of course (unfortunately, those things just regenerate in the underworld, so no point killing them really, unless they’re trying to kill you – which they’re always trying to do, so there is a point to kill them).

So all this chaos started because he is a demigod. Right? Yes, you’re right. But, Percy is no ordinary demigod.

“About sixty years ago, after World War II, the Big Three agreed they wouldn’t sire any more heroes. Their children were just too powerful.”

Percy is at a disadvantage. Why? Because not only is Percy a demigod, who seem to attract unwanted monsters, he is a child of the Big Three (which attracts even more monsters). The son of Poseidon – god of the Sea.

Bet you didn’t see that coming.
At least Percy gets some sick water powers.

Overall, this is one of those series that will stay with you forever. Most of all, under no circumstances, are you to watch the horrendous excuse of a movie that failed to portray ANYTHING (other than names) from the book. However, despite the failed attempt of a book-movie adaptation, the movie itself is somewhat enjoyable (only if it’s due to Logan Lerman’s appearance).

Actually I'd do it to the screenwriter because he's the one who made those disgraceful lines.

We highly recommend this book to all ages. Don’t judge a book by its “designated age group” (which is 9+ years of age). All ages will love this read, it’s a guarantee.

Do you guys like Percy as much as we do? Have a favourite character (or more)?
Tell us down in the comment section.

Ciao from The Twins 😉

13 thoughts on “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief #1 By Rick Riordan | Book REVIEW

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  1. I LOVE Percy Jackson, and it gets even better in the Heroes of Olympus! Obviously, I’m a fan of Annabeth (my fav) and Percy!
    And I definitely agree with the movie >.< It was so terrifying, and it could have been so good!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YESSS!! HEROES OF OLYMPUS! Of course Percabeth forever! The third and fourth book are our faves (in HoO). Hopefully we can get to do reviews on that series 😆 Gosh you’re making us soo excited !!

      Liked by 1 person

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