5 Most Anticipated Books In May | Book LIST

Hey there little cherry blossoms,
We see you’ve clicked on our ‘5 Most Anticipated Books In May’ – you’re curious about what we most want to read. No? Well perhaps you’re here ‘cuz you want to know about new releases this May 2017.

We can tell you now that there are soooo many good books to choose from soooo…. We choose the ones that called to us. Whether it be because we like the author, the cover, the plot or the first book etc.

[We put links to the Goodreads profile of the books mentioned down below]

In order of release date –

Released: MAY 2 

1. A Court of Wings and Ruin (#3 A Court of Thorns and Roses) By Sarah J. Maas 

Image result for acowar cover

We obviously anticipated this book since Miss Maas announced the title last year. After the bombshell of a book that is A Court of Mist and Fury, we had the hugest hangover EVER!! That could only really fully be cured by her other books (looking at you Empire of Storms – though that didn’t help which made us cry mentally ‘cuz we strong like that). We believe we are making a mistake reading the LAST book of the ACOTAR trilogy (minus the novellas to come) – but we welcome the PAIN to come after the finale. We surely will be ruined 😉 😉 .

2. The Dark Prophecy (#2 Trials of Apollo – PJO & HOO Spin-off) By Rick Riordan 

The Dark Prophecy (The Trials of Apollo, #2)

In the first book, we see Apollo turn into a mortal who (long story short) got kicked out of Olympus. Everyone knows Percy is the go-to guy for all things mythical. So it only makes sense for Apollo (the sun & music god) to look for the infamous Percy Jackson for help.

One of us (Tanya) has yet to read the first book while the other (Shanya) has read the book and can’t wait for another whole book full with sassiness. Plus we all know Uncle Rick gives us a book filled with knowledge (mythical stuff) presented in an awesome way. Fast paced (which we all love) and filled with action!

Released: MAY 10

3. Sons of Ares (#1 Sons of Ares – prequel to Red Rising trilogy) By Pierce Brown 

Image result for son of ares cover

So we learned of this book recently, and when we heard it was to do with Sevro au Barca’s (one of our fave characters in the Red Rising trilogy btw) father and mother – we were very much intrigued!

The mother is a Red. The Father is a Gold.
Reds being at the bottom of the hierarchy of men and Golds being at the top of the hierarchy of men. With many other colours in between.

We very much want to now how Sevro came to be with his parents’ backstory!

Released: MAY 16

4. Flame in the Mist (#1 Flame in the Mist) By Renee Ahdieh 

Image result for flame in the mist

This book has been the talk around the blogging community for quite some time now! And we want part of it! The blurb and let’s face it the cover both intrigued us to read this.

Japan. Rebel Clans. And Samurai.  

Those three words would get anyone to read this book – it promises action and a book filled with twists!

This is a fantasy so we expect there to be world building but will be completely satisfied with an amazing plot.

It’ll be our first book on Japanese culture – so it’ll be interesting to see how it’ll be set out.

Released: MAY 23

5. Lord of Shadows (#2 The Dark Artifices – TMI Spin-off ) By Cassandra Clare 

Image result for lord of shadows

After the ending of Lady Midnight –  we were left wanting more (literally after every book we want more – we’re greedy yo).

Mark and Emma. or Julian and Emma. They’re both good!! Who do we choose Cassi!! Why you gotta confuse us like that!!? So what if they’re Parabatai (AKA Ultimate BFF goals)!!

We really want to get back into the Shadowhunter world through Emma’s eyes and see what all the chaos is all about!!

We love the fact that this trilogy is set in the modern world, where we can relate to all the modern puns, technology, and style.


Tower of Dawn (Throne of Glass, #6)

CHAOL! CHAOL! CHAOL! We get a story on CHAOL!! For those of you confused still – if you haven’t figured it out already we are literally OBSESSED with SJMaas writing. So it only makes sense (for us anyways) to mention her books any chance we get!! This was originally going to be a novella but due to mass writing from Miss Maas she decided to make it the sixth installment of the ‘Throne of Glass’ series.

Cannot wait for the release of this – especially after what Empire of Storms did to us!

What are you most anticipating this May? This year? Or do you agree with us – if so tell us!! 

Ciao from The Twins 😉


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