Veteran (2015) | Movie REVIEW

-Rating 7/10- This, my darlings is a movie recommendation for those of all ages. "어이가 없네" pronounced eo-i-ga ob-ne. A famous line from this movie that translates into "it's ridiculous/nonsense" (I really do like reenacting that scene...his facial expression is just right) Starring: Hwang Jung Min- as Your super cool police detective, Seo Do Cheol... Continue Reading →

Series Vs. Standalones | Book CHAT

Hello fellow booklovers! So the title is a bit vague. Why you ask? Short answer only answer is that it's catchy and short. What exactly do we mean by this fabulous catchy title? 'Do you prefer series or standalones?' (which is also short...but oh well...😃) If you know us well you can already see the... Continue Reading →

Pure #2 By Jennifer Lynn Armentrout | Book REVIEW

3.5/5 stars Synopsis: Alex is back - this time a whole lot dangerous. So of course the gods have a problem with that. Never left alone for a second due to her "other half", Seth practically living with her, has its benefits like; helping her sleep. Other times its a nuisance. Having Seth around, did... Continue Reading →

5 Characters That Deserve Their Own Book | Book LIST

Hello, our little cherry blossoms!! We're back today with a book list...on five book characters we want to have a book on in their POV (aka point of view). These characters to us have proven to be worthy of having their own books, in the sense that they have intrigued us (some immediately and others... Continue Reading →

WE’RE BACK and The Little Prince By Antoine de Saint-Exupéry | Book REVIEW

Hello, our lovelies. Our absence has been an eternity (not really…but yeah a long time it has been). And we have finally returned. During our absence we have been busy growing up. Adulthood has bought on many responsibilities, pressure and all things not nice. The focus of our lives turned to studying, work and socialising... Continue Reading →

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