5 Mildly Dislikable Female Characters | Book LIST

Hi there ūüĎč ! Today, whether the dislike for the character was almost instant or gradually...we will be indulging you with five female book characters that we are not really fond off. In no particular order - here are our unfortunateūüėČ picks. [We put links to the Goodreads profile of the books mentioned down below]... Continue Reading →

5 Characters That Deserve Their Own Book | Book LIST

Hello, our little cherry blossoms!! We're back today with a book list...on five book characters we want to have a book on in their POV (aka point of view). These characters to us have proven to be worthy of having their own books, in the sense that they have intrigued us (some immediately and others... Continue Reading →

My Life In Books Tag | Book TAG

Bonjour our little cherry blossoms, as you can see we were tagged to do this tag (yes great wording we know¬†ūüėČ) by the ever-wonderful WARNETTE¬†TRASH Jackie @ toomuchofabooknerd. This tag was originally created by¬†One World, Too Many Pages. So let us begin!! [We put links to the Goodreads¬†profile of the MANY books mentioned down below]... Continue Reading →

City of Ashes #2 By Cassandra Clare | Book REVIEW

3/5 stars Synopsis: After being thrust into a world of Shadowhunters and Downworlders; faeries, werewolves, vampires, and warlocks. Clary hopes for a normal life. But that cannot happen. For Clary has a villainous father on the loose ready to reek havoc to all worlds, including hers and her newfound brother, Jace. After the killings of... Continue Reading →

The NEW Disney Princess Book Tag | Book TAG

We were tagged by her royal highness, the awesome¬†Mandy @ Book Princess Reviews! Go check her posts out, though we advise you to do so when you have a long amount of time to do anything...her blog is tr√®s magnificent! Just like her new tag (which we are now participating in) is! There are 13... Continue Reading →

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