Pure #2 By Jennifer Lynn Armentrout | Book REVIEW

3.5/5 stars Synopsis: Alex is back - this time a whole lot dangerous. So of course the gods have a problem with that. Never left alone for a second due to her "other half", Seth practically living with her, has its benefits like; helping her sleep. Other times its a nuisance. Having Seth around, did... Continue Reading →

What Cats Do Book TAG | Book TAG

Bonjour our friends!! We were nominated by cat-lover Joana Duarte @ Book Needers. SHE HAS A CAT!! ...We want a cat...😞😞 Anyways go check out her blog, she writes super cool stuff and it's always fun to read 'em!! And she has a CAT!! She practically has the full package of a super booklover -... Continue Reading →

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief #1 By Rick Riordan | Book REVIEW

4/5 stars Synopsis: Half boy. Half god. All Hero.  Rick Riordan presents to you a thrilling adventure on greek mythology, following a young teen, called Percy Jackson on his crazy mission to the underworld. Now it's not like Percy doesn't want to do well in school. It's just that he is very very unlucky. Perhaps his... Continue Reading →

Half-Blood #1 By Jennifer L. Armentrout | Book REVIEW

3.45/5 stars Synopsis: Hematoi purebloods come from the union of gods and mortals. Two Hematoi Purebloods equals a 'Pure' - children with godlike powers. The Half-Bloods have their future set by the 'Pures'. They have two options; one, become a Sentinal - who train to hunt and kill Daimons or two, become a servant for... Continue Reading →

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