Pure #2 By Jennifer Lynn Armentrout | Book REVIEW

3.5/5 stars Synopsis: Alex is back - this time a whole lot dangerous. So of course the gods have a problem with that. Never left alone for a second due to her "other half", Seth practically living with her, has its benefits like; helping her sleep. Other times its a nuisance. Having Seth around, did... Continue Reading →

Hush, Hush #1 By Becca Fitzpatrick | Book REVIEW

3.45/5 stars Synopsis:¬† Becca Fitzpatrick's first installment to the 'Hush, Hush' series, follows sixteen-year-old Nora Grey trying to go on with her everyday life. Keyword 'trying'. The arrival of mysterious Patch Cipriano leaves Nora intrigued.¬†After numerous life-threatening encounters, Nora cannot be sure of whom she should trust.On her mission to seek the truth towards these... Continue Reading →

Half-Blood #1 By Jennifer L. Armentrout | Book REVIEW

3.45/5 stars Synopsis: Hematoi purebloods come from the union of gods and mortals. Two Hematoi Purebloods equals a 'Pure' - children with godlike powers. The Half-Bloods have their future set by the 'Pures'. They have two options; one, become a Sentinal - who train to hunt and kill Daimons or two, become a servant for... Continue Reading →

Throne of Glass #1 By Sarah J. Maas | Book REVIEW

3.5/5 stars Synopsis: Sarah J. Maas' debut into 2012 YA high fantasy stars a young female Assassin out for revenge. Celeana Sardothien is offered a chance of freedom from the salt mines of where she is held till the Crown Prince and his best friend, Captain of the Guard propose a deal. Fight to become... Continue Reading →

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