Can We Write Reviews For Books Read Ages Ago? | Book CHAT

Hello, our little cherry blossoms, we are going to do another book discussion – which we decided to shorten as Book CHAT 😉 We, however, couldn’t (well…tried to) shorten this post…😅

Check out our 1st Book CHAT on how to properly Pingback (aka link) awesome bloggers! This was more of a helper/advice though!😉😉

Inspired by Mandy @ Book Princess Reviews’ discussion post on “Discussion: How long is too long to wait to review?” HII MANDY!! YOU GAVE US THAT PUSH TO FINALLY START A (proper) DISCUSSION! We were going to do this ages ago but yup as you can tell (along with everyone) – people just get really busy or they’re just very disorganised like ourselves…WE PROMISE TO GET THERE ONE DAY GUYS!! 😅😅

We had quite a few comments on our past reviews on series, mainly saying  “hope you enjoy the next book etc.” – when in reality we had already read the series. This gets a bit awkward, and after clarifying it a few times we decided to “kill 2 birds with 1 stone” – Explain to all you lovely people how we are currently doing our reviews and to go into the topic of doing reviews after reading books ages ago (look at the title).

Now for us – to put it simply, we do think you CAN write reviews for books you have read ages ago, as that is what we are currently doing.  We kinda mix it up.  And until we have finished writing reviews for past books that gave us strong feels/opinions (mainly good but can be a few bad views) – we WON’T be writing reviews for recent books we have read (unless of course, the feels are strong in that one of course…yup we usually go with the flow…).

Also, (nearly) all the books that we have reviewed are usually books we read about 3+ times.

Why this is okay?

  1. Remembering key pointsas you have read a book a while back, your review would mainly consist (if it contains spoilers) of events that are (most likely) memorable and important. Or (if it doesn’t contain spoilers) your review would mostly consist of key views/feeling/opinions you had when you did read it.
  2. People DON’T like LONG ASS reviewsin our opinions anyway (continue to read on before you get offended). When you’re looking to find more info on a potential book you want to read, you find that you want to get the pros and cons FAST! Or that you just need a little more convincing “to read or not to read” that book. So writing a review on memory and/or a quick skim reading (if you must) would mean you would have a shorter review. Also, some may want to reread the book or need quick facts/views on the first book so they can move on to the next book that came out 1+ years later – so basically a recap.
  3. Satisfactionwho wouldn’t feel happy that they finally put all their feels in words for the whole internet world to see? These type of reviews would consist of pure feels – that could be good or bad (or both)! These reviews would be written (hopefully for most) just to help those read or not read a book that DESTROYED them (like us in a good way – this was Throne of Glass for us or a bad way – this was Beautiful Creatures for us even though we have not yet written a review on it) and not because they just had “meh” feelings/views for it.

Why this may NOT be okay?

As you can most likely tell – we are pro writing-reviews-for-books-read-ages-ago! But one must look at both sides and not be biased or closed minded etc.

  1. Forgetting key pointssome may find it difficult to add key points and/or may not know what key view/point to put into their short reviews if they had read that book ages ago. Or they may not know how many views/points to add. TIP: So really if you’re gonna write a review on a book you read ages ago – our advice is that it be a book you have STRONG VIEWS/OPINIONS ON! or a book you did a bit of  extensive research on (as a recap 😉 )
  2. People may WANT Long reviewssome may want to have a fully detailed view on the books (this is us too – sometimes you just need extremely descriptive, fresh, quality opinions on a book you either hate or love). These people most likely have already read the book – so they technically want a discussion (ummm….fangirl) on the book (btw we do read long reviews too and we can say they are very resourceful….by letting us have convos with random strangers with common interests/hobbies – FANGIRLING).
  3. Satisfactionas after reading a book and writing a review on it right away would mean not only would your memory be fresh and clear but that you won’t have that constant itch to put the feels in words and suddenly explode on someone who has no clue what you are going through as you stayed quite too long which would also scare them ‘cuz they thought you were a quiet little cutie-pie who does not shout….😅 THEY DON’T KNOW YOU! So of course getting the feels (bad or good) out of your system would definitely make you satisfied and content…until you go ahead and read another book…😂😂

So basically this can be a very contradictory topic – but overall guys do what you want. You’re not hurting anyone – so go ahead be wild (like us) and write those reviews on books read centuries ago…or be cool and professional (like us…hahaha) and write those reviews right after the awesome book you just read! Because in the end…you are going to be writing about books – and that our friends are all that matters.

You know what mix it up (like salsa) like we do, have reviews from recently read books and books read quite a while ago. So be free our butterflies and read and write whenever and whatever you want!! Of course don’t go ahead and insult someone while you’re at it – be the best self you could possibly be when putting your thoughts and feelings out there! 

Ciao from The Twins 😉

24 thoughts on “Can We Write Reviews For Books Read Ages Ago? | Book CHAT

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  1. What a great discussion! I thought your reasoning for doing reviews on older reads was quite sound! I was of the camp that I need to have the facts fairly recent in mind to lay out my points but the feels are the major concern! ♥️ I’ll have to think about this more…

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    1. Thank you so much!! The thing is…being twins means that we have another person to remind us whats up (btw this is just one perk of many of being twins). Also, we read our fave books over and over again and basically…we have memory of steel when it comes to our beloved fandoms♥♥ XD

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  2. I have such a horrible memory that I would never be able to write reviews for books that I read a long time ago, haha. But I think it’s awesome when people do. Most of the time, they’re books that the reviewer(s) really loved and I think it’s great that they take the time to spread that love even though the book is an older one that might not get much attention anymore. 🙂

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    1. Spreading love all the way!! Also, it gives an opportunity for the reviewer(s) to re-read those treasured books ;). When it comes to books ( books we love love love) we have a memory like no other….but when it comes to other stuff like work all we think about is POTATO (i.e. we go blank heheh 😉 ). 🙂 🙂

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      1. Haha, even with books I loved I have a hard time remembering enough to be able to write a review. You’re definitely better with that than I am!!

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  3. I think in the end it’s all subjective! I personally don’t love long reviews, because I really just want to know if the characters are awesome and if the person liked the book or not. If the review is overly long I usually just skim anyways haha. BUT I personally have a very hard time writing reviews if it has been more than a week since I finished the book because I forget literally everything haha so yeah, if you have an elephant’s memory this may be no problem, but unless I’m taking notes while I’m reading, my reviews are written very soon after I finish the book!

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    1. When discovering new books you just want the pros and the cons FAST! But when we need to obsess over something we need a discussion – this is where long reviews come in handy!!

      Having a twin has its perks!😉😉 Having a twin that likes to read the same thing as the other equals INFINITE MEMORY…not really just having another clone of yourself reminding you of the good (and bad) parts LOL😂😂

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  4. heheh gosh I’ve been there too- especially since all my reviews come at least a month late 😉 So I have to agree with this whole post!! (I mean I would anyway, but if I didn’t agree I’d be a hypocrite 😉 ) I love your points here- they’re spot on- especially about how people don’t like excessively long reviews! I do write notes to get around the forgetting key points part- but I can see why it’s useful to just focus on the highlights (and lowlights as the case may be) Awesome discussion!

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    1. Yay!! Glad to know we are not the only ones!! We actually thought people would be offended by that for some😂

      Being twins – makes it (almost) impossible to FORGET key points especially if the twins are very alike (like US!😉😉)!! Perhaps if we weren’t twins we too would make notes…but still write reviews years later lol😅

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      1. hahaha don’t worry!! I don’t think it’s a controversial opinion- at least it shouldn’t be lol 😂

        hehehe well that’s excellent!! hehe yes it’s good to have each other to remember lol!! hahaha 😂 You’re welcome 😊 ❤

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  5. Love this topic, ladies! (HELLO BACK 😉 I know I saw you mention this a few times, but it was interesting to see your thoughts actually in writing about how you review. I don’t think that there is anything wrong about writing reviews about books that you read a while ago if you can remember all the reasons you loved it and enjoyed it and it still feels the same in your head as it did when you reading it. You showed the pros and cons so brilliantly, though. Wonderful discussion, ladies!! ❤

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    1. Thank you soo muchh!!! We are glad you love this topic-we were planning to do a post on this topic to clear the confusion hahah. We are quite open minded people looking at all sides 😉😉. Thanks again❤❤


  6. This is such a fantastic discussion! A large majority of the time, when I write a review, it’s a couple of weeks late. When I read books, I read them pretty quickly and tend to go through several during a week, and I don’t like to stop the flow by writing reviews in between! Usually, though, as soon as I finish a book, I write down all my thoughts, so when I sit down to write the review, I at least can get in the headspace I was in back when I finished the book originally! I guess I really don’t mind when a review is written, as long as it’s good! 😀

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    1. Thanks so much!! 😊😊❤

      Seeing as we came into the blogging community (very) late – we decided to give some love to books we’ve read some time ago that have stolen our hearts! Mind you – we read quite a bit and we happen to fall in love with books way to easily!

      And since both of us have similar tastes in books the other advises (forces…😉) the other to read the book – which results with another brain to store unnecessary (not really…more like useful) facts/FEELS of a book!!😀😀

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  7. I think it’s perfectly ok! I read on kindle and tend to highlight bits I want to remember and put notes where i have comments, so I won’t actually forget anything later.

    There will always be books that will make a really big impact on you and you will remember them for years. 🙂

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    1. Well isn’t this a bit awkward…it wasn’t until we went to wp-admin that we found this comment! We hope you can forgive us for our late reply.

      It is truly useful to make notes reading as it allows you to refresh your feelings and views on the book.
      And we totally agree with you – there are always books out there that’ll leave a huge impact on you and would never stray from your memory as it becomes part of who you are!

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