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Hello our lovelies, today we are going to do an official book discussion – which we decided to shorten as Book CHAT. This discussion is more of helper/advice for people on how to use PINGBACKS. And we came up with 5 Easy Steps to show you how!

Now after being in the blogging community, to be specific the book blogging community, for quite some time (kinda?), we noticed that many new WordPress bloggers (even old bloggers) struggle to PINGBACK (aka linking-to-a-post/blogger) correctly. We too struggled! But that was all in the past. And to be honest, it is not that hard. If you’re a busy person, then sometimes time-consuming (e.g. nominating other bloggers for a tag) – BUT overall kinda useful! Especially if you’re trying to get a specific blogger’s attention or just trying to notify them of your post etc.

If you’re like us – then you probably had no idea what PINGBACK even means, despite seeing other bloggers telling you to “remember to pingback” etc.

Definition (from WordPress support) :

A pingback is a special type of comment that’s created when you link to another blog post, as long as the other blog is set to accept pingbacks.

To create a pingback, just link to another WordPress blog post. 

If that post has pingbacks enabled, the blog owner will see a pingback appear in their comments section.

As book bloggers (and we are going to assume you guys are book bloggers) we tend to get tagged a lot – which usually states you to PINGBACK (or link) to the blogger that tagged you. This kinda confused us at first but we still did the tag and we tried to “pingback” and in the end, it still did not turn out right! By right – we mean that our “pingback” did NOT notify the blogger that we actually responded to the post! As we just mentioned the blogger…not exactly linking them in our post…😕


We are going to use our About Us page as an example for PINGBACK


Find the post you want to link to your own post. E.g. our “About Us” page


Then copy the URL of that post. E.g.  https://twinbookmarks.wordpress.com/about-us/

If you’re responding to a tag nomination, simply copy the URL of that post.


Image result

Paste URL onto your post. Highlight the URL and click “Insert/edit link” –  and you can change the “link text”. E.g. About Us


If the blogger had enabled PINGBACKS to be allowed on their posts (which is the case for most bloggers who are aware of this – like us), then publishing your post would notify the blogger that you linked them.

Which is immensely useful for book bloggers doing tags! This way the blogger would not feel bad about someone not doing their tag despite nominating them as they would receive notification that you had in fact completed it! Also would not make you feel bad, as to wondering despite them tagging you they did not even read your post!! Before PINGBACKS (and if they don’t follow you) they would have NEVER known you had done it!!

From WordPress Support:

  • Person A publishes a post.
  • Person B publishes her own post, including a link to Person A’s post.
  • WordPress.com automatically sends a pingback to Person A’s post, letting Person A know that someone has linked to them.


NOW – to allow people to PINGBACK your post, whilst also notifying you: You can go on your post that you are working on and click Post Settings>More Options>Discussion

pingback controls
Image from WordPress Support

Need more help? CLICK HERE!!

Hoped this helped you guys – if not you can always ask down below in the comment sections.

Ciao from The Twins 😉

11 thoughts on “5 Easy Steps To PINGBACKS | Book CHAT

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  1. I’m so happy that you did this! I’ve always been trying to pingback to a blog’s homepage, but I guess that doesn’t actually work. I’ve had trouble in the paste pinging people, but this post is definitely going to help me!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I love ping-backs! I try to give shout outs to fellow bloggers as often as I can by using ping backs. And Ii’s just enormously helpful that if somebody pings an article of yourself, you get a notification – if they use the URL of the article. Makes it easier to spot it if someone else gives you a shout out.

    But if somebody uses the homepage url you don’t get a notification. A lot of bloggers don’t know this and that’s a shame I think. And I don’t get it.. Why don’t get a notification if they just use your homepage url? Why do you have to use a specific article url? But well.. overall it’s awesome we can do this! I use it a lot anyway 😀

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    1. We do too!! 😀👌But being here for quite some time we have realised that a lot of bloggers don’t do it correctly or just in general use it!!

      It’s a shame really – some tag others believing that person would know they were tagged and when they don’t respond it’s just sad!! Loads had tagged us and when we go blog hopping we found out months later we were tagged but received NO notification…😕

      It would be much easier if we could just use their homepage URL – but we guess it’s because pingbacks are another type of comments and there’s no comment page on the homepage like there would be for posts and usually the About page!😊

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  3. Thank you for this post. I thought I had it all figured out, because shortly after I began blogging I discovered pingbacks and thought I was the coolest kid on the block. I SWEAR linking to someone’s main page worked back then. At least for most. Shortly after, it seemed as if nobody could pingback properly, so I took it as a WP issue and kind of gave up on it. But then, I noticed some people were able to ping me. It got so frustrating that I finally decided to research it, and oddly enough, I did not find the WP explanations/ tutorials useful AT ALL. So, THANK YOU!

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