Top Ten Tuesday: BLUE covers | Book LIST

This will be our first ever meme and we decided to do TTT – we’re new to this so bear with us 😉

This meme was created by The Broke and the Bookish – go on their website to find out more about Top Ten Tuesday.

May 2: Cover Theme Freebie: literally anyyyything about covers….top ten covers that scream Spring, ten books with ice cream on the cover, ten books with blue covers, etc. etc. THIS ONE COULD BE REALLY FUN and I can’t wait to see how creative your lists are!

We are doing BLUE COVERS in this weeks Top Ten Tuesday!

Some of these books we loved and some of them not so much – but today we could still appreciate the BLUENESS of their glorious covers!! They’re in NO PARTICULAR ORDER!
You can, however, guess which books we loved and which books not so much XD down in the comments below.

[We put links to the Goodreads profile of the books mentioned down below]

1. Shatter Me series By Tahereh Mafi

Image result for shatter me

Well as you can see, this whole series consists of different shades of BLUE. Yes to some they may seem purple…but to us- its a form of BLUE. Fight Us!!!

Check out our review for Shatter Me #1 – click here.

2. Everything, Everything By Nicola Yoon

Image result for everything. everything

 Everything is blue…. 😉 😉

Check out our review on it – click here.

3. A Court of Mist and Fury By Sarah J. Maas

Image result for acomaf

You can’t tell us that this cover is not BLUE!!!



Definitely BLUEEE! XD XD

4. Throne of Glass By Sarah J. Maas / Assassin’s Blade By Sarah J. Maas

Image result for throne of glass ukImage result for throne of glass uk

We promise this is the last time we mention Throne of Glass…hopefully… BUUUT these covers are blue 🙂

Check out our review on Throne of Glass #1 – click here. and Crown of Midnight #2 – click here.

5. Daughter of Smoke and Bone By Laini Taylor

Image result for daughter of smoke and boneImage result for daughter of smoke and bone karou

Cover is blue. Main character, Karou is blue. We mean her hair…whoops.

Look at you, you not only get a blue cover; you get a blue haired girl who stars in said book.

6. World After (#2 Penryn & the End of days) By Susan Ee

Image result for world after susan ee

Wonderful book….and it’s blue 🙂

Check out our review on the first book, Angelfall #1 – Click here.

7. Red Queen series By Victoria Aveyard

Image result for red queen book cover

This is an example of a diffusion (yup…bit of sciences involved). From a Low concentration of blue to a higher concentration of blue. The fourth book is definitely going to have a darker shade of BLUE.

8. The Fault in our Stars By John Green 

Image result for the fault in our stars

Very blue…colour of animated tears….

9. The Selection By Kiera Cass

Image result for the selection


10. Lady Midnight By Cassandra Clare

Image result for lady midnight


(Oooo we like this one-word game XD)

Which of these BLUE covers did ya like??! Know any other BLUE books – comment down below XD!!

Ciao from The Twins 😉

34 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: BLUE covers | Book LIST

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  1. The book covers in the shatter me series are gorgeous! Some more good blue book covers are The Bone Season (Royal Blue, my favourite colour! :D) and The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We totally agree!! We sooo have to read those books!!! We do love the colour blue (we made a whole post about it 😉) – Royal blue definitely is a cool shade of blue 👌🏻


  2. Ah beautiful list, those Shatter Me covers are GORGEOUS! I definitely need to get my hands on them. Girls, help, would I like The Selection??? I’m just not sure, it’s been on my list for years and never risen to the top. Did you like it? We have pretty similar (identical) tastes I think 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They truly are fabulous!! To be honest, The Selection is not that great (both of us stopped till the third book as all the reasons NOT to read it started to pile up) – we’re not the type to start a book (especially a series) and DNF it, without good reasons! We like to read books that make us want to read it again in the future and this series just felt….like a waste of time when we could have spent it on better books… The series had potential (that’s why we started it – otherwise we wouldn’t have started it) but in the end for us it was not worth it (not much to hype about, other than the fact they had pretty dresses and competitions for arranged marriages etc)… Really we can’t even point out what good parts there were (read it quite some time ago – but good books should be memorable). Hope this helps you make whatever choice you decide to make 😊!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you! I was thinking the same, it seems like a very throw away type of series, not one that’s going to rip your heart out and stomp on it (like SJM). I’ll avoid it I think, thanks ladies!! 😄

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Great Picks!! I love Nicola Yoon’s book covers so far. She definitely got lucky with whoever designed those bc– SO PRETTY!! I also think those Red Queen books look cool (even if I have no intention on reading them). AND the Shatter Me series always caught my eye because EYELASHES!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thanks!! Yes Nicola certainly hit the jackpot with beautiful characters for her beautiful books and an awesome cast for the coming movie!! Let’s be honest we all judge a book by its cover and Red Queen certainly caught our eyes!! So glad Tahereh Mafi decided to change her book covers for Shatter Me to the current ones with the eyes and beautiful blueness (the last ones were questionable)!! 😊


    1. Everything, Everything is great read and has an awesome cover. Whereas The Selection has a cute cover and it drags… We think everyone is a sucker for pretty dresses and things 😁


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