Everything, Everything By Nicola Yoon | Book REVIEW

4/5 stars

Two people. That’s it, only two people – in my entire seventeen years of life am I allowed to see. My mum, Pauline and my nurse, Carla. And that’s how it’ll remain for I have an incurable disease called SCID (Severe Combined Immunodeficiency) . Which means I’ll die if I set out to the dangerous world that we live in.

Then out of nowhere, a family moves in next door. There’s a mother, a father, a daughter, and a son. The Brights. Who I happen to stalk from my little room to skip time.

The son, in particular, Olly is the turning point for Maddy. She doesn’t know it yet though. Being with Olly may just cost her life.

“Maybe we can’t predict the future, but we can predict some things. For example, I am certainly going to fall in love with Olly. It’s almost certainly going to be a disaster.”

For those who are unaware Everything, Everything is coming to the Big Screen this May 19th, 2017 – here’s a little trailer for our little lovelies 😉

Main Characters:

  • Madeline “Maddy” Furukawa Whittier, girl who is “allergic to the world”- has SCID
  • Oliver “Olly” Bright, new boy next door
  • Pauline Furukawa Whittier, mother of Madeline

Side Characters:

  • Carla Flores, Maddy’s nurse/ caretaker
  • Rosa, teenage daughter of Carla
  • Kara Bright, sister of Olly
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bright, parents of Olly and Kara

Our Review:

This beautiful masterpiece was written by none other than the glorious Nicola Yoon. What we both found refreshing was how popular this book become considering that you rarely find a book with inter-racial relationships to become as popular as this did. Let’s be honest, there aren’t many popular YA books that have interracial protagonists. We love love this book- why? The story showed that being with a guy/girl that is from a different ethnic background is normal, something that shouldn’t have even become an issue in reality in the first place.

Another book that had an interracial couple as the MC’s was the Noughts & Crosses series by Malorie Blackman – with one of the main focuses being how interracial relationships are unacceptable. In a reversed history where ‘people of colour’ (Crosses) are dominant and the ‘colourless’ (Noughts) inferior to the ‘dark-skinned’ ruling class.

This book focuses on Maddy or ‘Mads’ who her whole life she is raised to believe she is not strong enough to go outside, has a high possibility of dying if she does. She meets wild, charming Olly – who you would wish existed in real life just so you can pinch his SMOL (i.e adorableness) cheeks. Oh well… at least he is real in our bookish minds.

Throughout this whole book journey, you could feel all the characters raw emotion (especially Maddy’s). We laughed. We smiled. And we definitely had teary eyes (we do not break…except for that scene where Mufasa dies and Simba is left fatherless etc). Just great- now we’re crying 😭 😭. Mentally of course. Can’t let anyone see us cry…

Overall, the book is enjoyable throughout – we see the interaction between Maddy and Olly with a brilliant plot to keep us intrigued. Mrs. Yoon certainly knows how to create drama. We are not usually into contemporary novels but this book is certainly a start point for us to explore a genre that originally didn’t call to us. We recommend you guys read this even if it’s not your style (we did it and have not regretted it), especially with the movie adaptation due to be released soon.

This book is mostly flawless. If there was any flaws to this book, it would be that ending –  it leaves you wanting to know more. And we all know this is a standalone book!! Another thing we are not used to is the few characters involved in this book – but that’s not necessarily a flaw.

Have you already read this book yet? Do you think the movie will do well? Read Nicola’s other book, The Sun is Also a Star? Comment down below – we love to hear your opinions 🙂 !!

Ciao from The Twins 😉

16 thoughts on “Everything, Everything By Nicola Yoon | Book REVIEW

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  1. I bought my friend this book for her birthday and she’s just finished it and lent it to me so I’m really excited to read it now, especially with the movie coming soon!! 😀 I haven’t read The Sun is Also a Star yet but it’s on my list!

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    1. Ooo you will definitely enjoy it!! We liked Everything, Everything much more then Nicola’s The Sun is Also a Star, which is still very good (made me, Shanya want to read her Everything, Everything – as I read TSIAAS first) 😊

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  2. Great review! I’ve also read this recently and I loved it! I only had a slight problem with the ending and the plot twist of the book so I gave it 3 stars. But I agree with what you said – it’s refreshing to read about an interracial relationship 🙂

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    1. Yeah endings for standalone books usually leaves us hanging (it feels that way anyways) – so we usually want more! We know the main focus of the book was the illness and Olly – and Yoon had concluded both so beautifully (still didn’t feel perfect – but that’s just us being 🙃) ! Aww thanks!!😊

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  3. I’ll admit that I was a bit meh about this one, but I am so glad you enjoyed it more than I did. 🙂 Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous review! ❤

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    1. We are still fairly new to contemporary books – who knows, another book may be better! We did have problems with the ending, but since it’s a standalone novel – it is quite good! You’re probably more experienced in the contemporary book world than we are! Aww thanks for taking time to leave a comment! 😊❤


    1. We don’t really read much contemporary – we gave it 4 stars for quite a few reasons: If it was a series than it would have been lower but it was a standalone novel that was both (we can agree with you) sweet and refreshing! We too had problems – with the ending! But it was a good read! Thanks for commenting 😊❤

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  4. Wonderful review! I finished this book in 2 sittings and I absolutely adored. I definitely agree with you guys on the rawness of emotion that was beautifully illustrated. I loved the diagrams, drawings, and lists by Maddy that separated the chapters. It really made me feel as though I was experiencing the events just as Maddy herself did!
    I was on the edge of my seat, gripping and hanging onto each word – that’s how amazing this book was for me!
    I’m so looking forward to reading more from Yoon!
    Happy Reading! 🙂 😀 Can’t wait to read more reviews from you guys!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so very much! 😊😊

      We finished this book fairly quickly ourselves – it was very refreshing! Those drawing and diagrams really added a nice touch to the whole story. All in all it was a wonderful read! ❤❤❤
      Her work really does seem like a one we should look out for and we can’t wait when she releases a new book!

      Thank you! Thank you! 😀😀

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