Half-Blood #1 By Jennifer L. Armentrout | Book REVIEW

3.45/5 stars

Hematoi purebloods come from the union of gods and mortals. Two Hematoi Purebloods equals a ‘Pure’ – children with godlike powers. The Half-Bloods have their future set by the ‘Pures’.

They have two options; one, become a Sentinal – who train to hunt and kill Daimons or two, become a servant for Pureblood households.

Jennifer L. Armentrout’s first installment to ‘The Covenant’ series, introduces a female protagonist, Alexandria Andros, a ‘Half-Blood’ – the children of a ‘Pure’ and a mortal.

For Alex, the choice was simple. She would train to kill those Daimons. She would become a Sentinal.

Of course, she had to have problems with the Covenant rules – in particular, rule #1: Relationships between Purebloods and Half-Bloods are forbidden. Alex had her eyes set on Aiden. A Pureblood.

You know what they say about rules.
Rules are meant to be broken.

Preceded by (optional): Daimon: The Prequel to Half-Blood
Followed by: Pure (#2 The Covenant series)

Main Characters:

  • Alexandria “Alex” Andros, main female protagonist, Half-Blood Sentinal in training
  • Aiden St. Delphi, Pureblood Sentinal in training
  • Seth, arrogant Sentinal and Lucian’s own bodyguard

Side Characters:

  • Caleb Nicolo, Half-Blood Sentinal in training BFF of Alex (has thing for Olivia)
  • Olivia Panagopoulos, Half-Blood Sentinal in training friend of Alex (has a thing for Caleb)
  • Deacon St. Delphi, younger brother of Aiden
  • Lea Samos, ‘sandbox enemies’ (AKA mean-girl antagonist) of Alex and Half-Blood Sentinal in training
  • Lucian, step-father of Alex (evil, just PURE EVIL)
  • Rachelle Andros, mother of Alex

Our Review:

One of my absolute favorite couples of all time
This book introduces us to a greek mythological world. It is fast paced and created an incredible heartwarming feeling in our souls while reading it. Why? It’s one of those books you read without thinking too much. It feels like your watching a movie (just so know movies are essential to our everyday lives – it’s a great stress reliever and it’s FUN). But the point is that this book is sooo easy to read and sooo hard to put down. Really we can’t even come up with a flaw other than it literally consumes our souls with FEELS (which can also be a good thing…maybe?). However, we wouldn’t recommend this for those who expect a lengthy description.
We heard that this book is a ‘complete rip-off of Vampire Acadamy’. Too bad we didn’t read that. So maybe there are similarities (we wouldn’t know). You gotta love you some Aiden ❤ ❤ (see we inserted TWO hearts). Even though we didn’t read Vampire Acadamy (which seems like an okay book – there’s even a possibility we could read that in the future), this book called out to us and it has stayed!

“Okay. I’m ready to move onto something else, like practicing with knives or defense against the dark arts. Cool things.” “Did you just quote Harry Potter?”

We don’t know about you guys, but if a book references the HARRY POTTER series (or any series for the matter), you just know that this will be a fun read.

Overall, not much happens in the book to be fair…but that shouldn’t stop you from reading the series. ‘cuz we have. And we weren’t disappointed. We read the whole series (5 books and a few novellas) in just a week. We highly recommend this book (this SERIES) for those greek lovers out there!! Armentrout never fails to release a new book (even multiple books) every year. You can count on her to give you an enjoyable experience. If this book is not for you, you should still check her other books, like her ‘Lux’ series.

Tell us what you think about ‘Half-Blood’ down in the comment section.

Ciao from The Twins 😉

6 thoughts on “Half-Blood #1 By Jennifer L. Armentrout | Book REVIEW

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  1. Great review! I have been wanting to read this series for a while now. Everyone says that it’s just like Vampire Academy, but I wasn’t a huge fan of that series, despite everyone absolutely loving it. Also, since the love the Lux series I will definitely be reading this one.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Plus. Later in the series you start to forget the barrier between half blood and pure and start to focus on the bigger problems giving Alex and aiden more space time and cute moments. My favourite book Apollyon Plus this book was first recommended to the twins by there great friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So true! All good series seem to blur in together! Our favorite book out of the series was Apollyon too! Cannot wait to write more reviews on the other books in this series!!😆


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